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If you didn’t hate Orlando before…

Posted by Paul Smith on 28 February 2008

 You will now, as he features heavily in this up-tempo Europop LoTR-based vid:

It made me laugh, anyway!

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Meet Elise

Posted by Paul Ayres on 26 February 2008

If Wikipedia entries were ever available in video form, then I’d love it if Elise presented them all, I think she’s got a talent for it …


Perhaps most notable as a YouTuber specializing in informative vegetable videos, Elise falls in to the International Woman of Mystery category and is trying to make it as a performer / stand-up. It’s something I’ve got a lot of sympathy with, as someone who has dabbled in the wild, wild world of comedy in the past – however half-heartedly!

She can show you the real side of the Edinburgh Festival for people who aren’t big comedy names, politely points out the evils of copyrighting Happy Birthday songs and is a bit of a wig fetishist! … plus she has even been known to play up to the cameras!

Alas she doesn’t make as many comedy vids as she used to, however she is a real vlogger who talks about her life, while in front of a webcam, but has a rare gift of being able to chat about pretty much anything and still be windswept and interesting.

For Doodz ‘n’ Chyx in Bristol, she was recently cooped up in a box for 4 days in Millennium Square as part of the YouStage vloggers who took the BBC UpStaged contest by storm – they will be back at the end of March for the finals and for non-Bristolians press your red button and go interactive. All things Elise related from her website and she even has her own Wikipedia page.

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Arson attempt backfires: Hilarity ensues

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 February 2008

You may not be cut out to be an arsonist if:

  1. Your firebomb sets fire to yourself
  2. Your plan for a fast getaway on your motorbike (er, moped?) fails and you end up pushing it down the street.
  3. You do the whole thing in front of a CCTV camera

Thanks to Steve_Ri for the link.

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Danbri Recursion sears my retinas

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 February 2008

Dear God, NO!

Danbri Recursion

Manipulated by Tom Gidden from source material featuring another popular icon.

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How to behave in an internet forum

Posted by glittrgirl on 23 February 2008

I loved this little guide…..

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Martin P’s “Fucktard” remixed!

Posted by Martin Poulter on 23 February 2008

I’m glowing with pride that YouTube user ChanologyASSIST (previously featured) has taken a monologue I did last year and made a hilarious video remix featuring Tom Cruise, L Ron Hubbard and (leader of Scientology) David Miscavige:

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Increase your vocab, decrease world hunger

Posted by Paul Smith on 22 February 2008

At least that’s the idea. Learn yourself some words at Free Rice and feed the world at the same time.

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How to Sleeveface

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 February 2008

Thanks to whoever alerted me to this current vogue for creative recycling of your vinyl collection.

Get your regular dose of sleeveface at the blog, or if you want direct access to the motherlode, go straight to the Flickr group.

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Anonymous vs. Scientology: Story so far

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 February 2008

I’ve already banged on about it a lot, but the Anonymous versus Scientology war really is the most interesting thing going on in online culture right now.

This 15-minute film, “The Road to 10th February 2008”, spends the first half giving the background to Scientology versus Anonymous, then the latter half showing the awesome scale of the worldwide protests, and the official Scientology response claiming to be under attack from a “terrorist group”. I’m pleased to say that two of the still images used for the London protest are mine.

Meanwhile, ChanologyASSIST hilariously uses Rick Astley to show how Anonymous has given up its hacking techniques in favour of peaceful protest, and another Anonymous member announces “Operation Reconnect”, a counterpart to Scientology’s Disconnection policy. Leaked information from within Scientology suggests that the protests are having an effect, and that the organisation is still planning its counter-moves.

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Happy middle of February

Posted by Paul Ayres on 13 February 2008

For the joys of pink/red card day …


… part one of a new 312 part series on the lovely ladies of YouTube – why not peruse  more vids from the Katers17 archive – enjoy!

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