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QVC Fail (but I repeat myself) (Video)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 January 2010

Being a fan of Charlie Brooker, I particularly enjoyed it when shopping channel QVC, hawking a flat-screen TV,  left it  tuned to his Screenwipe programme during a particularly vitriolic moment.

and here’s one of the original Brooker rants with soundtrack: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Daily Mail’s cancer obsession

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 January 2010

Bad Science columnist Ben Goldacre remarked that the Daily Mail seems to be on a mission to classify every inanimate object into a) things that give you cancer, and b) things that cure cancer: an oncological ontology project. Various people have taken up the task of amassing  lists of both kinds of article. Perhaps the most accessible is Kill or Cure? with an enormous list arranged alphabetically. Many things that are claimed to both cause and prevent cancer, including children, coffee and spicy food.

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The Rockwell Retro Encabulator, explained

Posted by Martin Poulter on 26 January 2010

Thanks to Alex for forwarding this celebration of extremely un-plain English, with shades of Look Around You:

The Wikipedia article gives some background. Here’s the older version of the video:

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How to Make Out (Video)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 January 2010

Videojug – the people who brought you How To Kiss Someone Passionately, How To Do The Hug And Roll and How To Cuddle – once again take a very funny angle on dating tips.

This post is blatant, unapologetic Google-bait as a lot of hits on this blog are from people searching on these questions.

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360-degree video from Haiti

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 January 2010

360 degree interactive video has so far seemed like a novelty, but through this link, CNN lets you travel on a truck through Haiti, and stop and take a look around.

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Outdoor projection plus 3-D modelling equals

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 January 2010

…buildings transformed in a rather sci-fi way! Thanks James W for the link.

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The Downfall of traditional academia?

Posted by Paul Ayres on 22 January 2010

Apologies for yet another Downfall remix, but this one makes a nice point about the changing information landscape of academia.

… while I enjoyed some great lines like “Anyone who has consulted The Wikipedia leave the room now” it also introduced me to the interesting concept of Critical Commons that “supports the use of media for teaching, learning and creativity, providing resources, information and tools for scholars, students, educators and creators” – though I wonder whether it is a good idea to potentially confuse the Creative Commons message?

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Getting rich from iPhone apps

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 January 2010

In five minutes, Eugene Lin explains the mistakes made on the way to making an iPhone app that actually makes money.

Thanks to Paul A for pointing me to the Ignite series of talks, of which this is the latest to go online.

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Occult patterns in Woolworths locations

Posted by Martin Poulter on 11 January 2010

Occult arrangements of nested triangles are all around us. Last Autumn I sat through a presentation on how landmarks all over South West England are arranged in incredibly precise geometric shapes. Although the presenter (a dowser) admitted that there was some fudging needed to make the lines intersect all the relevant points, he thought the match was uncanny. Dan Brown has recently published a novel which is based on the idea that the street plan of Washington DC encodes all sorts of Masonic symbolism. In the news this week is an analysis of 1500 UK prehistoric sites which finds lots more geometric shapes, and suggests, according to its author, that prehistoric Brits had extra-terrestrial help.

So it’s fun to see in The Times this week a mathematician analysing the locations of hundreds of Woolworths stores, finding the same sorts of nested triangle shapes (as you can with any sufficiently large set of random data), and concluding “This could offer us a fascinating insight into what life was like in 2008 England, and we can’t rule out that alien help was required to position stores this precisely and to offer the Ladybird clothing range at such low prices.” Thanks Ryan for the link!

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A stop sign designed by committee

Posted by tugsmmaccow on 8 January 2010

Need I say more? Enjoy.

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