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End of the World as We Know It

Posted by Paul Ayres on 22 December 2007

If you maybe missed on contributing to World Orgasm Day, why not cheer yourself up with a song from President George W. Bush …

… with a little help from REM and a mashup!

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World Orgasm Day

Posted by glittrgirl on 21 December 2007

22 December….

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Annual Review of the Year in Review 2007

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 December 2007

Yep, here it is, as chosen by DnC contributors. Who won Link of the Year? I’ll give you a clue: they didn’t win the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

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Projecting onto a movable surface

Posted by Martin Poulter on 13 December 2007

An amazing little bit of technology, this: using just some optical fibers, a PC and a data projector to achieve something very futuristic.

This comes from Johnny Lee of Carnegie Mellon University, who also shows you how to create a Minority Report-style finger-tracking interface to your PC using a Wii remote and bluetooth.

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Sex in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace

Posted by misterchristophe on 5 December 2007

I recently saw the wonderful documentary ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ so this Guardian article about zero-g coupling rather caught my eye. The missionary position is out without a “special elastic belt and inflatable tunnel” but, frustratingly, we’re left to guess what works best. I demand answers NASA!

The Guardian have since published an article that muddies the water on this story a little.

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RIP Evel Knievel

Posted by glittrgirl on 1 December 2007

A fitting tribute.

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