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Meet Elise

Posted by Paul Ayres on 26 February 2008

If Wikipedia entries were ever available in video form, then I’d love it if Elise presented them all, I think she’s got a talent for it …


Perhaps most notable as a YouTuber specializing in informative vegetable videos, Elise falls in to the International Woman of Mystery category and is trying to make it as a performer / stand-up. It’s something I’ve got a lot of sympathy with, as someone who has dabbled in the wild, wild world of comedy in the past – however half-heartedly!

She can show you the real side of the Edinburgh Festival for people who aren’t big comedy names, politely points out the evils of copyrighting Happy Birthday songs and is a bit of a wig fetishist! … plus she has even been known to play up to the cameras!

Alas she doesn’t make as many comedy vids as she used to, however she is a real vlogger who talks about her life, while in front of a webcam, but has a rare gift of being able to chat about pretty much anything and still be windswept and interesting.

For Doodz ‘n’ Chyx in Bristol, she was recently cooped up in a box for 4 days in Millennium Square as part of the YouStage vloggers who took the BBC UpStaged contest by storm – they will be back at the end of March for the finals and for non-Bristolians press your red button and go interactive. All things Elise related from her website and she even has her own Wikipedia page.

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