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Operation Fair Game: STOP

Posted by Martin Poulter on 30 May 2008

The amazing anti-Scientology video work of Pelvidar is back! With outstandingly creative use of archive material and effects, Operation Fair Game: STOP hilariously debunks the claim that Anonymous wear masks to “intimidate”. Our own Damian is visible just after the twelve minute mark, in the Plymouth protest. As commenters on Enturbulation have suggested, these films are, hopefully, history books for the future.

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Don’t train your dog to be a ninja

Posted by Martin Poulter on 30 May 2008

A video funny found via Paul Ayres (I’m just blatantly nicking your stuff now Paul).

Ever thought it would be good to train your dog to be a ninja? Baaaaaad idea.

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YouTube’s favourite food is Pork and Beans

Posted by Paul Ayres on 29 May 2008

The new song from Weezer – Pork and Beans – features a video starring a range of YouTube celebrities.

Valleywag has gone through and rounded up the YouTubers who appear in the video – I was most struck by the remarkable voice of Tay Zonday singing Chocolate Rain and my ghast was rather flabbered, when I saw the Numa Numa guy for the first time – I can’t think who he reminded me of …

Who is your favourite from that galaxy of YouTube stars?

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A shocking abasement of human dignity

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 May 2008

Time to play place-the-quote: who said this?

Worst of all from this point of view are those more uncivilized forms of eating, like licking an ice cream cone–a catlike activity that has been made acceptable in informal America but that still offends those who know eating in public is offensive. … Eating on the street–even when undertaken, say, because one is between appointments and has no other time to eat–displays [a] lack of self-control: It beckons enslavement to the belly.

Though it seems like it’s from The Chap magazine, in reality this was said by the GW Bush aide who was put in charge of the Council of Bioethics. The report uses similar social-engineering nonsense to advise against medical research that could save the lives or ease the suffering of millions. Stephen “How the Mind Works” Pinker takes them to task. The republican war on science continues.

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Guns and Techno

Posted by Paul Smith on 27 May 2008

I just found this care of the old faithful Stumbleupon. With the percussion composed entirely of munition sounds from the game Call of Duty 4, this is a fairly standard techno piece, but there’s something about it. The editing is quite clever, at least!

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F**k me ’til I fart

Posted by Martin Poulter on 24 May 2008

For those who remember Roy Walker’s prime time TV quiz show “Catchphrase”, an extract from Victor Lewis-Smith’s not-prime-time TV satire programme “TV Offal”:

Found via B3ta.

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The cult, the cops and the very big nose

Posted by Martin Poulter on 23 May 2008

Via the Guardian, the Register and a bunch of other media outlets including BBC London local news (below), the story of how City of London Police are trying to ban the word “cult” from anti-Scientology protests. UPDATE: there will be no court hearing – Total failure for the cult of Scientology! More details below the fold.

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Instant happiness: Stephen Colbert dancing

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 May 2008

This blog had a bit of Stephen Colbert binge a couple of years ago and Paul A, who found this latest item, wasn’t going to blog it, but I think it’s just the kind of inspired silliness we’re after. I don’t think of Colbert as a dancer. Comedian, yes. TV presenter, yes. But someone has proved, by taking dozens of clips from his various TV shows that, yes, the man does dance. A lot.

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Gratuitous Blasphemy

Posted by Martin Poulter on 19 May 2008

On 8 May something happened in UK law that needs celebrating: the common law offences of blasphemy and blasphemous libel were abolished. Although they were hardly used in recent decades, these made it a crime to offend the beliefs and doctrines of the Church of England.

Politicians including Jack Straw had remarked on the absurdity of legal protections for one faith in a multi-cultural society, and one solution that was discussed was extending the law to cover other religions. Taken to its conclusion, this would have criminalised defecating towards Mecca (blasphemous in Islam). Fortunately, sanity has prevailed.

I’ve thought about how to celebrate this event and, since the effect of censorship laws is usually to restrict our access to art, here’s the poem “The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name” (in tribute to the public figures including Iain Banks, Ludovic Kennedy, Claire Rayner and Philip Pullman who protested against the blasphemy law). I couldn’t find the banned film “Visions of Ecstasy” online, but Google Video offers this film student’s animated tribute.

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Urban Graffiti Taken to the Next Level

Posted by Martin Poulter on 19 May 2008

BluBlu’s film MUTO is awesome not just because it is an inventive and surreal animation, but because it is drawn on public walls and pavements in two different countries. It’s one of those “has to be seen to be believed” things. Thanks to Steve_Ri for the recommendation.

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