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High Five Etiquette

Posted by tugsmmaccow on 30 April 2010

Title says it all. Enjoy!

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AC/DC destroy Rochester castle

Posted by Paul Smith on 23 April 2010

OK, it’s AC/DC (who I happen to like – nurr!). It’s a promo for Iron Man 2, but wow – this is possibly the best light show I’ve ever seen! Awesome use of projection on to Rochester castle. Just wish I’d seen it for real.

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Rate your Voter Power

Posted by Martin Poulter on 23 April 2010

In the US electoral system, apparently someone in rural Kansas has five times as much political power as someone in urban New York, in part because the Senate has two seats per state, no matter the size of the state.

Here in the UK we don’t have a Senate, but the power of individual votes to change things varies greatly, because some of us live in safe seats where there’s little chance of a change, and some of us live in marginals.  The Voter Power site takes into account this factor, along with the population of the constituency and the proportion of votes taken by the winning candidate. It concludes that most of us, in effect, wield one quarter of a vote. It’s clearly promoting Proportional Representation, but whatever solution you think the election system needs, the site serves an interesting purpose.

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Raise your property value with a sex dungeon

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 April 2010

Have any of those property ladder or home improvement shows on Channel 4 ever shown the real way to make your house a home? Thought not. It’s up to these guys (somewhat NSFW).

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Street video loop

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 April 2010

A quirky and delightful video idea that takes no money but some very careful timing.

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Cassetteboy versus The One Show

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 April 2010

Last year we awarded Link Of the Year to Cassetteboy versus The Bloody Apprentice. This latest work is not as epic, but still very funny:

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Vote for a generation, not for a party

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 April 2010

The Baby Boomers (those born in the generation after WWII) are the richest generation in history, at the expense of subsequent generations. They had free university tuition when their sons and daughters have to pay. They bought cheap houses before the boom and so acquired huge wealth while keeping young people off the property ladder. Their consumption created huge quantities of pollution whose costs the subsequent generations have to bear.

Two people trying to raise awareness of this intergenerational robbery are David Willetts (A Tory MP) and Neil Boorman (a former Guardian columnist). Boorman’s blog, It’s All Their Fault sets out the problem in a few pages and includes this radical voting suggestion:

Thanks Ryan for the link!

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David Cameron presents a new Vision for Britain

Posted by Tom Gidden on 20 April 2010

“We’re going to get rid of any parent who isn’t happy with their child being uploaded to YouTube, because that’s what the system’s there for.”

(NSFW language)

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Christ’s Fat Cock

Posted by Martin Poulter on 18 April 2010

Thanks GlittrGrrl for suggesting this link, and Gid for suggesting the ideal post title. Is Jesus sporting a six-pack or a massive penis? You decide!

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Stores That Tell You Exactly What They Are

Posted by Martin Poulter on 18 April 2010

A white guy rapping about mundane things naturally invites comparisons with Jon LaJoie, but that’s no bad thing. This one is well produced enough to keep me listening to it several times. Hearing “Orthodontist!” yelled hard over a bassy riff makes me smile every time.

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