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Music: Retro Utensil

Posted by Martin Poulter on 27 September 2007

The latest track from the group MelEliAle (previously featured on D’n’C) (also here) is a spacey instrumental called “Retro Utensil”. Like most MelEliAle recordings, this was improvised with minor editing and production afterwards.

(Download link) Personnel: Mel (clarinet?, percussion), Eli (piano), Ale (acoustic guitar), Me (bass/ annoying electronic clinky noise/ production). Update Friday 5th October: A remixed version has been uploaded, with a different intro and ending.

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There’s a gaping hole in the Dewey Decimal System

Posted by Paul Ayres on 26 September 2007

Stephen Colbert is introduced as the new guy in this ancient clip from pre Jon Stewart Daily Show days …

… as a fully qualified librarium, I feel I have to warn you that book hostage taking, as described in this video, is of course illegal.

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Bees in a jar

Posted by glittrgirl on 15 September 2007

Look here over at boingboing at the beehive in a glass jar – amazing, and more about it here, including a slideshow of its construction

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SubGenius condoms

Posted by glittrgirl on 12 September 2007

Church of the SubGenius Condoms are now available to the public for the first time! J. R. “Bob” Dobbs once promised to save your sanity – now he will save your sex life, too! Dobbshead Condoms feature the ubiquitous visage of “Bob” Dobbs and Conniedoms feature “Bob’s” feminine counterpart Connie. Become an ordained minister at and distribute SubGenius Condoms in your very own ministry! Available in assorted handpacked bags of 12, 60, and 144 or as a 3-pack in a reusable carrying case.

Stunning, and found found the ever marvellous boingboing.

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How To Untangle Headphones Using A Cat

Posted by Paul Smith on 10 September 2007

A neat trick – will be getting myself a cat for this in the future!

How To Untangle Headphones Using A Cat

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Barbie and Ken – “pornografia,” from Trisfe

Posted by glittrgirl on 10 September 2007

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Bravia advert aftermath

Posted by Martin Poulter on 4 September 2007

Thanks to Sian Bayne for suggesting this. A resident in the famous block of flats complains at being splattered unexpectedly with paint for Sony’s advert.

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