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Archive for August, 2007

The Real Mormon Rap by DJ RMP

Posted by glittrgirl on 31 August 2007


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Welcome to Llew Tube

Posted by Paul Ayres on 29 August 2007

I am probably the last person to notice but Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame is one of the many millions of residents of YouTube with his own channel etc. He’s trying to spend all of 2007 without buying anything new and has the occasional rant about the state of tv – he’s a charming and highly entertaining chap …

… and he has an official website as well

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Finnish YMCA

Posted by glittrgirl on 24 August 2007

Doing the rounds, but well worth a gander for a giggle….

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AC/DC Economics

Posted by glittrgirl on 23 August 2007

Via MetafilterOn the Efficiency of AC/DC: Bon Scott versus Brian Johnson By Dr. Robert J. Oxoby, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Calgary.

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A useful flow diagram

Posted by glittrgirl on 21 August 2007

Contains swearies. Is funny.

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Real world racer

Posted by Paul Smith on 17 August 2007

Nice idea – race around the world, using Google maps as your race track!

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1500 Filipino inmates do Thriller

Posted by Paul Smith on 15 August 2007

This is superb – inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center practice performing top 80’s zombie nonsense video ‘Thriller’, by Jacko. There are more videos of them including the final performance.

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Hilarious wetness

Posted by jezconollywriter on 14 August 2007

Bit of a crummy copy, but this was a highlight from 70s Jeux Sans Frontiers. Apparently Stuart Hall actually wet himself whilst commentating on this.

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Take a spin….

Posted by glittrgirl on 14 August 2007

…. on The Special Projects Idea Generator. Compelling…..

expensive collapsible clothing

exclusive torture soundsystem

jewel encrusted flying car…….

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Clark: Ted (music video)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 10 August 2007

Watching this full-screen will definitely give you nightmares. The video and music are both interesting, although they don’t relate to each other all that well. Ted, being the single from the original and challenging Clark album Body Riddle, is actually one of the less interesting tracks. The Ted EP (available through Bleep) has an acoustic version of the track which is amazing: a music recording which according to all logic shouldn’t exist.

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