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Common Misconceptions

Posted by Martin Poulter on 30 November 2008

When Dogbert writes a list of “Clues for the Clueless”, Bob the Dinosaur reads with growing dismay, “1. Professional wrestling is fake. 2. No one ever lost weight on a home exercise device…” “It’s not healthy to read them all at once,” advises Dogbert.

Maybe the same warning should apply to WikiPedia’s List of Common Misconceptions. Files used to circulate around the Internet, pre-Web, which listed “everybody knows”-type claims and assessed whether they were really true or false. This was a forerunner of sites like, or even the QI television series and books. Wikipedia’s contribution is a handy reference for things that in many cases we think we know but don’t. There’s even less excuse now for believing that water swirls down the plughole differently in different hemispheres.

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Latex vacuum bondage restraint

Posted by glittrgirl on 27 November 2008

Go read about it over at the ever marvellous BoingBoing

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Alternative Reality Martin

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 November 2008

I swear I didn’t create this profile!

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How young is your brain?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 November 2008

The instructions for this game are in Japanese, so you need to read this:

  1. Touch ‘start’
  2. Wait for 3, 2, 1.
  3. Memorize the numbers’ positions on the screen, and then click the circles in order, from the smallest number to the biggest number.
  4. At the end of game, the computer will tell you the “age of your brain”, though you’ll find with a bit of practise it will decrease rapidly.

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Posted by Paul Smith on 20 November 2008

One leaked list which strangely hasn’t caused too much outcry, but has caused some good humour. BNP FAIL.

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This YouTube video is no more

Posted by Paul Ayres on 19 November 2008

Sick of all your top quality, expensive TV content being ripped off and posted on YouTube? Then this is how to respond …

… from the Python (Monty) (Official) YouTube channel – nice to hear Mr. Cleese talk about the importance of properly organised and described videos – appeals to the librarian in me!

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The Microsoft Matrix

Posted by Martin Poulter on 15 November 2008

If the Matrix ran on Microsoft Windows. Not an unobvious idea, but the execution, acting and production are brilliant. From the people who brought you Minesweeper: The Movie.

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The Lives and Deaths of Middleman

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 November 2008

“Middleman” is Flickr user bayat’s name for his middle finger. Middleman has many adventures: he sunbathes, marries, trains as a ninja, vomits, journeys into space, catches fire and dies horribly in at least two ways. Creative but somehow worrying.

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Adam versus Joe on Bond Film Credits

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 November 2008

Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish’s Song Wars recently featured them creating themes for Symptom of Boris – er, Quantum of Solace, the new Bond film. First, here’s Joe’s:

Adam Buxton’s isn’t a winner this time, but the chorus is very catchy: Read the rest of this entry »

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Sheepfilms: the genius of David Packer

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 November 2008

A regular on the B3ta front pages, David Packer makes short looped films, usually of himself in physically impossible but weirdly funny situations. Sheepfilms is the site with all his stuff, and if you poke around a bit he reveals how he does it.

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