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Sucker Punch trailer is online

Posted by rootdev on 27 July 2010

This was the talk of Comic-Con over the weekend, but no one seemed quite able to explain what they’d just seen. Now you can see why:

We worked on one entire segment of this film – the dragon scene is ours, but the whole thing looks awesome.

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New Guardians Trailer Online

Posted by rootdev on 16 June 2010

The second trailer for Legend of The Guardians is online. Apparently this one will be in the cinemas playing before Toy Story 3.

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Kewl Doodz n Chyx now on Twitter

Posted by Paul Ayres on 12 March 2010

Just in case you prefer your KDnC updates in 140 characters or less, the Kewl Doodz ‘n’ Chyx blog is now available on Twitter at:

Follow, ReTweet and Trend away as you wish.

The Twitter channel is picking up the RSS feed from the blog and republishing it using Feedburner.

Hopefully a few more people may find our stuff this way and some of us may find the updates useful.

The Twitter channel won’t be actively monitored / updated other than republishing the blog posts, unless someone is keen to do so.

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Martin Rickrolls shoppers in Plymouth

Posted by Martin Poulter on 11 May 2008

You can see it in the video below; one of several from the Plymouth arm of Operation FairGameStop/ Battletoad Earth. Thanks to the Plymanons for great companionship and to the passers-by who gave us great support.

Martin and Anonymous stand with placards in Plymouth city centre
Tom_Gs photoshop of the other photo
Gid’s photoshop skills give an alternative take on one of the photos from the day.

Anyone who wants to help out the cause, please watch, favourite and rate this YouTube video.

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Martin’s Music: Given Up

Posted by Martin Poulter on 6 May 2008

Not only is it rare for me to get songs finished, it’s even more rare for me to sing. This simple, repetitive track uses multitrack guitar, vocals and bass. Thanks to the friends who gave feeback on early versions of the song.
Update September 2009: a new mix, sounding much more balanced and less muddy. Available now on the Coma Pilot profile on Virb, and if you can’t access that, there’s MySpace. (No, I still haven’t got an interesting images for my profiles yet).

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