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Ask MetaFilter about Human Relationships

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 June 2007

Having mentioned AskMeFi yesterday, I should confess my addiction: the Human Relations section of the site is the greatest place on the Internet for discussing human joy and pain, a bit like GroupHug but with analysis. People submit questions about every aspect of life – dating, parenting, workplace relations – and get a spectrum of advice. There are  some arseholes, but the general spirit of MetaFilter (humanity; articulate expression; frequent overthinking)  shines through. Part 1 of my personal selection: getting out of a bad moodtalking dirty during sexloving yourselfcomplimenting a man on his looksminglingcoping with a girlfriend who doesn’t believe in atomssleeping on your back.

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Bong hits 4 Jesus, rewritten

Posted by glittrgirl on 29 June 2007

More with pics here.

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Dirty Jokes for Grandma

Posted by Martin Poulter on 27 June 2007

From the often delightful Ask MetaFilter, a collection of dirty jokes you can tell your Grandma. Quality varies but there are some good’uns.

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Baby Jesus is a pork sausage

Posted by glittrgirl on 27 June 2007

Yes he is.

Best quote….

 The Baby must dry several weeks before it is ready to be sold.

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I piss excellence t-shirt on sale

Posted by glittrgirl on 25 June 2007

Get yours while stocks last……

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Beer + Internet = Coastr

Posted by Paul Smith on 21 June 2007

No self-respecting netizen should be without Coastr – social networking, with a hint of hops.

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Annoying Co-worker Hell

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 June 2007

Since my co-workers read this, I’d better say straight away that I don’t mean them. Internetty Betty’s blog (made by a DnC member) tells the ongoing story of a council administrator who seems to have some trouble with computers. And people. Prime fodder for those who like reading (from a safe distance) about Induhviduals.

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MOT Mechanic in Milton Keynes: Chilling free speech?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 20 June 2007

I don’t live in Milton Keynes, but if I did I probably wouldn’t take my car to MOTs R US, 35 Blundells Rd, Bradville, Milton Keynes, MK13 7HD.

That’s because of a review that was posted by user magicrebirth on (“Review Anything”). Rating MOTs R US 2 out of 5, magicrebirth advised insisting on a quote beforehand, expressing the opinion that the mechanics were “The most stereotypical garage you could find – the first time they all look friendly and generous, the second time they don’t even know you and try to f**k you over.” Magicrebirth went on to claim that “The old method is used: labor, lots of labor, and spare parts you wouldn’t imagine the existence of. Result= incredible bills.”

Now, I don’t know whether this one opinion of MOTs R US is typical of their customers’ experience. I do know that review is no longer available, after heard from the lawyers. Perhaps it deserves to be kept online for the benefit of anyone looking for an MOT in Milton Keynes.

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The Zoom Quilt

Posted by Paul Smith on 14 June 2007

OK, so it’s not Recursive Hasselhoff, but it’s still pretty neat. Check out the Zoom Quilt.

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On what date did 9/11 happen?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 June 2007

Do you know when the 9/11 attacks took place, and which two cities were attacked? Being a DnC reader, you’re more likely to know the answer than some of the New Yorkers interviewed in this Australian comedy show.

Serious answer: the date was 11 September 2001. The European way of writing dates puts the month second, so 11 September would be 11/9. However, the American date format puts the month first, so they write it 9/11. While we’re on the topic, official bipartisan investigations confirm that Saddam Hussein was not behind the attacks.

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