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Do yer like free music?

Posted by Paul Ayres on 30 March 2007

Free, free music … well the guys and gals over at Podcasting News have been having a 31 Days of Free Music festival, featuring links to a whole smorgasboard of music podcasts. There’s bound to be something that matches your taste as it ranges from alternative-hip-hop-lounge (isn’t that Dr. P’s speciality?) to punk rock, via Irish and Celtic and classical – give something new a try today and maybe leave a review in comments


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Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 March 2007

If you like your music bass-heavy, spacious and mellow, you’ll like Southsection. This local Bristol dub/drum’n’bass/house/rap act embody the home-made-art ethic we celebrate here on D’n’C, but produce music to a very high quality. What’s more, they give a lot of it away for free, not only through their own site, but using lots of media sharing sites. Their videos, filmed locally and edited with Final Cut Pro and iMovie, get regularly shown at the Cube Cinema’s Bluescreen nights.

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It’s not easy being green

Posted by Paul Ayres on 28 March 2007

Kermit does Cash doing NIN

Enjoy this one quickly before the corporates get their knickers in a twist …

… of course, via MetaFilter

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Worst fight scene ever?

Posted by Paul Smith on 23 March 2007

This fight scene is so bad, even Jean Claude Van Damme is probably embarrassed by … the worst fight scene ever committed to film?

Rarrrr!!!! Rarrr!!!

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The Mentalist Max Maven

Posted by jezconollywriter on 23 March 2007

I can’t believe they’ve gone and cast John (Life On Mars) Simm as the Master in the next series of Doctor Who. How can they have overlooked Max Maven? Based purely on the quality of his widow’s peak the part should really be his. Don’t believe me? Then watch this clip.

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The Hottest New Sound: Pete Tong vs Herb Alpert

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 March 2007

From a contributor who wants to remain anonymous, a brilliant mash-up combining Pete Tong with Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass.

It has echoes of my own The Best of Blank Tapes, but is frustratingly much better.

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Incredible Painted Hands

Posted by Paul Smith on 20 March 2007

With the ILRT art show now over for another year, perhaps an idea for future exhibits? Personally, I can’t paint this well, but there’s inspiration here! Why not look at some Incredible Painted Hands !!

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Surely they’re taking the p*ss?

Posted by jezconollywriter on 19 March 2007

The good people at Rug Doctor have a product for every occasion – this one’s my favourite.

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Insulting Man 3: Your Anus

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 March 2007

The third outing from Insulting Man. Rudeness/grossness warning as always.

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Songs from the heart

Posted by jezconollywriter on 13 March 2007

How about commissioning Buddy to write a unique tune for your loved one – Complimentary sick bucket provided with each CD. Check out About Buddy to read up on the part he played in 70s band Stallion.

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