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Congratulations to

Posted by Martin Poulter on 30 November 2007, the “review anything” web site created by our own Tom H (who provides the mailing list for weekly notifications), was the overall winner of this year’s Semantic Web Challenge. Tom was notified at the recent International Semantic Web Conference in Korea. Dive in and look for reviews of everything conceivable, or get a free account to start rating (and ranting).

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How to cook your turkey this xmas

Posted by olliemoss on 28 November 2007

This site will enable you to listen to your partner’s mobile calls, while cooking the turkey using only a light-bulb and some dvd-r’s and then you can watch the movie on Christmas day with your new surround sound system which will cost you less than a fiver!

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Not the Daily Show

Posted by Paul Ayres on 16 November 2007

Thankfully the new Colbert Report DVD has helped get me through the current Hollywood writers strike that is depriving us of new nuggets from Messers Stewart and Colbert. But it’s good to see that some of that creativity is being put to good use …

More on the strike from United Hollywood.

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How It All Ends

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 November 2007

Science teacher makes entertaining and persuasive video explaining the decision we face about Global Climate Change. YouTube commenters throw every objection under the Sun at him. So he makes 45 more videos, clarifying the argument and patiently dealing with each of the objections, even from people who say that since the problem is global it must be “God’s will”. This ten-minute video may be all you need to watch: the start is a bit clunky, but it gets better. Thanks David M for the link.

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Last in the queue when it came to solar systems

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 November 2007

Surprisingly few people are aware how big our Sun is compared to the Earth. Fewer still are aware how small our Sun is compared to other stars. This compilation of NASA videos puts it in perspective. A little helping of awe for your lunchtime.

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How much is your sex life worth?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 November 2007

Yes, it’s a link to a porn site: if you’re viewing from work, have a good excuse. Adult super-site posts a table of fees for its various on-screen acts. Think about what you would be prepared to have put where, by whom, how many times, and convert it to a cash figure. No mention of paid annual leave, Pay As You Earn tax arrangements, or Christmas bonus payments. Found via MetaFilter, where the discussion has some laugh-out-loud moments, including the suggestion of a Kink variation of Monopoly.

There are no pictures on the linked page, just straightforward descriptions of sexual practices.

I wasn’t intending to blog this, but someone urged me to (You Know Who You Are).

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Everything you never wanted to know about Crohn’s Disease

Posted by Paul Ayres on 2 November 2007

… or you could subtitle it: When a man’s gotta go, a man’s gotta go …

I don’t normally read comics, but given that this one was about the joys of Crohn’s which I have had for the past 15 years, it struck a chord. I think the only thing he missed out was the fact that you can produce pretty much any colour under the sun, when they are “investigating” what is wrong with you – though I am still working on blue!

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Get down Mr. Brown

Posted by Paul Ayres on 2 November 2007

Well who said that Gordon was boring, he could be a Madonna fan …


… always saw him as a Goth myself, annoying Tony and Cherie by playing Dear Prudence by Sioxsie and Banshees too loud late at night and keeping little Leo awake.

Top ‘O The Hat to Guido and more from EyebrowMagazine on YouTube – no I had not heard of Eyebrow Magazine before either.

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