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Xenu is back! (On Wikipedia)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 6 December 2008

The Xenu article on Wikipedia has passed its Featured Article Review unanimously, meaning that it has been confirmed to meet the encyclopedia’s highest standards of accuracy, comprehensiveness and neutrality. This is after a thorough overhaul and check of references on which it is based, in which I’m proud to have played some part. Get your fact-checked info on Xenu here! Then quake in fear at the prospect that Xenu might once again bring his awesome nuclear justice back to this planet.

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Moist for Justice: Anonymous in Bristol

Posted by Martin Poulter on 12 August 2008

Continuing Martin’s adventures with Anonymous. Last Saturday the 8th was the second protest by the Bristol branch of Anonymous, attempting to cult-immunise the city. Ten protestors took part, some of whom commandeered a vessel yarrrr shipmates… erm, arrived by ferry. A walk around the city centre with flags, masks and placards prompted a lot of rubber-necking from passers-by, and some very cool photo opportunities. Photos and video below. (Top two photos by Greenleaves)
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Operation Fair Game: STOP

Posted by Martin Poulter on 30 May 2008

The amazing anti-Scientology video work of Pelvidar is back! With outstandingly creative use of archive material and effects, Operation Fair Game: STOP hilariously debunks the claim that Anonymous wear masks to “intimidate”. Our own Damian is visible just after the twelve minute mark, in the Plymouth protest. As commenters on Enturbulation have suggested, these films are, hopefully, history books for the future.

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The cult, the cops and the very big nose

Posted by Martin Poulter on 23 May 2008

Via the Guardian, the Register and a bunch of other media outlets including BBC London local news (below), the story of how City of London Police are trying to ban the word “cult” from anti-Scientology protests. UPDATE: there will be no court hearing – Total failure for the cult of Scientology! More details below the fold.

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Martin Rickrolls shoppers in Plymouth

Posted by Martin Poulter on 11 May 2008

You can see it in the video below; one of several from the Plymouth arm of Operation FairGameStop/ Battletoad Earth. Thanks to the Plymanons for great companionship and to the passers-by who gave us great support.

Martin and Anonymous stand with placards in Plymouth city centre
Tom_Gs photoshop of the other photo
Gid’s photoshop skills give an alternative take on one of the photos from the day.

Anyone who wants to help out the cause, please watch, favourite and rate this YouTube video.

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Day out in Birmingham with Anonymous

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 April 2008

For those who are asking what Damian and I got up to in Birmingham last Saturday:

We joined the Birmingham protest which was part of Operation Reconnect: the third global protest organised by Anonymous, who turned out in force with wonderful costumes and delicious cake.

I was interviewed by the Birmingham Mail and on Monday published an article on Birmingham Indymedia about the protest.

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Anonymous vs. Scientology: Story so far

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 February 2008

I’ve already banged on about it a lot, but the Anonymous versus Scientology war really is the most interesting thing going on in online culture right now.

This 15-minute film, “The Road to 10th February 2008”, spends the first half giving the background to Scientology versus Anonymous, then the latter half showing the awesome scale of the worldwide protests, and the official Scientology response claiming to be under attack from a “terrorist group”. I’m pleased to say that two of the still images used for the London protest are mine.

Meanwhile, ChanologyASSIST hilariously uses Rick Astley to show how Anonymous has given up its hacking techniques in favour of peaceful protest, and another Anonymous member announces “Operation Reconnect”, a counterpart to Scientology’s Disconnection policy. Leaked information from within Scientology suggests that the protests are having an effect, and that the organisation is still planning its counter-moves.

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Martin Poulter talks about Tom Cruise

Posted by Martin Poulter on 19 January 2008

Well, my brief appearance on Sky News this week (talking about Tom Cruise’s Scientology rant) has already made it to YouTube, thanks to the work of JAFAW and Arnie Lerma. To my amazement, it’s getting some good responses (“Dr. Martin Poulter truly rawks!!” “This one will cause CoS(UK) to go ballistic.” “PUNDITASTIC!”) as well as constructive criticism (yes, I do need to be more fluent and more assertive). More than 3,300 views in two days!

Meanwhile, the public relations disaster for Tom Cruise continues. Not only is the first video being parodied to Hell and back, but much more even scarier footage from the same event has been released. Slate magazine picks out some choice moments and explicitly compares it to Cold War propaganda. Gawker has some video excerpts: look at the final one where Cruise, wearing his new Freedom Medal of Valor, calls on the assembled Scientologists to “clean this place up”. “This place” refers to Planet Earth and along with war, crime and illness, they want it “clean” of any resistance to Scientology.

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