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Martin P’s “Fucktard” remixed!

Posted by Martin Poulter on 23 February 2008

I’m glowing with pride that YouTube user ChanologyASSIST (previously featured) has taken a monologue I did last year and made a hilarious video remix featuring Tom Cruise, L Ron Hubbard and (leader of Scientology) David Miscavige:

5 Responses to “Martin P’s “Fucktard” remixed!”

  1. glittrgirl said

    Very cool!

  2. Paul Ayres said

    Link updated to new and improved version as old one disappeared.

    Congrats on even more internet fame Dr. P – love the re-mix.

    Apparently Americans aren’t late – they are tardy – though I’m not sure they will want to be after your searing new interpretation of the word!

  3. Tom Gidden said

    Yep… I remember getting a tardy slip in elementary school once: a small piece of paper, which is in effect a public state institution issuing notice that you are, in fact, a joey.

  4. LOL Tom.
    Thanks a lot for making the changeover Paul. Now let’s make this the top hit on the Internet! 😉

  5. […] June 2008 I can not freakin’ BELIEVE this! ChanologyASSIST, an Atlanta-based video prankster previously featured on D’n’C, brings video, typography and madness together in a tribute to… All […]

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