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Archive for February 22nd, 2008

Increase your vocab, decrease world hunger

Posted by Paul Smith on 22 February 2008

At least that’s the idea. Learn yourself some words at Free Rice and feed the world at the same time.

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How to Sleeveface

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 February 2008

Thanks to whoever alerted me to this current vogue for creative recycling of your vinyl collection.

Get your regular dose of sleeveface at the blog, or if you want direct access to the motherlode, go straight to the Flickr group.

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Anonymous vs. Scientology: Story so far

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 February 2008

I’ve already banged on about it a lot, but the Anonymous versus Scientology war really is the most interesting thing going on in online culture right now.

This 15-minute film, “The Road to 10th February 2008”, spends the first half giving the background to Scientology versus Anonymous, then the latter half showing the awesome scale of the worldwide protests, and the official Scientology response claiming to be under attack from a “terrorist group”. I’m pleased to say that two of the still images used for the London protest are mine.

Meanwhile, ChanologyASSIST hilariously uses Rick Astley to show how Anonymous has given up its hacking techniques in favour of peaceful protest, and another Anonymous member announces “Operation Reconnect”, a counterpart to Scientology’s Disconnection policy. Leaked information from within Scientology suggests that the protests are having an effect, and that the organisation is still planning its counter-moves.

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