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Toast recipe

Posted by Martin Poulter on 31 May 2007

I’m not knocking Wikibooks Cookbook. Applying the open-content approach of WikiPedia to recipes, giving the people of the world free access to a global archive of food suggestions, has got to be a good idea. Knowledge is power, after all. As an often clueless batchelor I lack some pretty basic culinary knowledge that this book can fill in. However, when you see a recipe for toast, you have to wonder who the audience is.

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Yo Sushi

Posted by Paul Ayres on 29 May 2007

A strangely compelling video, where someone placed a camera on a conveyor belt at a sushi bar in Tokyo

… soon all anthropological studies will be done this way.

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Love wife spanking in a Christian Marriage

Posted by glittrgirl on 29 May 2007

Yes that’s the correct subtitle, for the Christian Domestic Discipline Store…..

..your home for fiction, literature, and other items to enhance your traditional marriage! We are dedicated to providing everything you need for your Christian Domestic Discipline marriage and are in the process of researching and adding more products relating to a traditional Christian marriage to our store.

This includes such items as Heirloom Intimates, a range of cover all underwear and nightware with secret ‘entrances’……

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Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve…. ish

Posted by glittrgirl on 29 May 2007

Look at these great t-shirts with anatomical illustrations on them. So cool.

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Why I wuv xkcd

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 May 2007

It’s not actually a Linux application. It’s in lots of people’s “best of the web”. It’s unashamed in its references to maths, physics, computer programming and general geekery. It’s often hilarious. xkcd provided us with the Map of Online Communities, and here’s a personal selection of comics:

The Difference (thanks, Ed M.), Keyboards are Disgusting, Cat Proximity, Romantic Drama Equation, Hypotheticals

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100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

Posted by Paul Ayres on 18 May 2007

In the style of those AFI top 100 countdowns

Counting down from 100 to 1 using movie clips, but with one clip to rule them all

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Chris Morris meets David Lynch in a crack lounge

Posted by Alan Bennett's World Cup Diaries on 18 May 2007

OK, I think this just about ticks every possible box. So if you’re offended by:

Strong language / meat eating / bestiality / incest / cruelty to old people / cyberporn / etc.

then look away now. Seriously.

If you aren’t then this could easily pass as an outtake from Jam or Inland Empire. Some kind of mad, sick genius at work here. Remember: eat pork rinds!

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Breakdancing toddler

Posted by Paul Smith on 18 May 2007

I hesitate to put this under ‘funnies’ as it’s not really, but this is a great ‘remix’ video, and very cleverly done.

You’ve probably seen the first wince-worthy version already:

But then someone has come along and made it funny:

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Best Venn Diagram Ever

Posted by Martin Poulter on 17 May 2007

Suggested by our friend Ed Mallon: No disagreement here!

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Penis cushions

Posted by glittrgirl on 16 May 2007

Yep, really.

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