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When a “Brazilian” results in a Hitler Moustache (featuring Charlie Brooker)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 31 March 2015

I must pay tribute to the awesome Ariane Sherine – comedy writer, Atheist Bus campaigner, and one half of comedy electro duo The Lovely Electric. “Hitler Moustache” is “the single” from The Lovely Electric‘s album and you’ve surely never seen a song with this many euphemisms for a lady’s ladyparts. Watch out for the appearance by Charlie Brooker who plays a small but special role brilliantly.

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Daft Portable Gaming Device

Posted by Tom Gidden on 28 September 2009

Following on from the iDaft and the amazing Daft Hands, we’ve now got Daft Pseudo Formant Synthesis on a Nintendo DSi:

I have a feeling the good Dr Poulter will be considering a purchase shortly. He could also then do Kraftwerk covers:

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Total Eclipse of the Heart, the literal version

Posted by Tom Gidden on 29 May 2009

Following on from last year’s Take on me, now some literal Bonnie Tyler.

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Remixed YouTube

Posted by Paul Smith on 12 March 2009

This is my first post about something found via Twitter, tweeted by the mighty @jupitusphillip

A bunch of completely unrelated YouTube videos mixed together to create some completely awesome music and video. Enjoy!

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Music: Formants of Essence

Posted by Martin Poulter on 6 March 2009

Welcome Unbalancedcable, a.k.a. Joel, to the blog. Joel’s a sound engineer/ hardware hacker/ musician and he’s given me permission to re-blog this piece of music.
“All the sounds are created from spoken vowels taken from words which were recorded with binaural microphones and processed in MAX/MSP and Logic,” writes Joel. I’m seriously impressed with the results, combining an abstract sonic journey with catchy rhythms.

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Beardyman beatboxing video remix

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 June 2008

Beardyman‘s looped beatboxing and mr_hopkinson’s video editing have a lot in common. They both loop small bits of content on top of each other in way which starts off simple but builds into something jaw-dropping. Here they are united: David Hopkinson filmed Beardyman at a beatboxing convention, edited the video into sync with the loops in his trademark style and showed off the result at his excellent session in the recent Venn festival.

(mr_hopkinson’s beatboxing vids featured previously on D’n’C)

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Radiohead’s “Nude” remixed on old hardware

Posted by Martin Poulter on 7 June 2008

Radiohead offer a competition to remix one of the songs from their “In Rainbows” album, a slow waltz in fact. Now, do you get a pulsing beat and trigger sped-up samples from the song on top of it, or do you bring together a dot matrix printer, a scanner, a Sinclair Spectrum and lots of hard drives and program them to recreate the song on video?

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Martin’s Music: Purify

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 April 2008

It’s high time I released another piece of music: not an improvisation, not a remix, but an actual piece of composed-and-painstakingly-produced-by-me-alone music. “Purify” is the most martinpoultery piece of music I’ve done in years (i.e. not trying to be dance music or rock music, just creating the sort of music that’s expressive for me).

Edit October 2008: Now that the final version is prepared, it is now available on the Coma Pilot Myspace profile.

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Goldfrapp: Let it Take You (Forest of Bass remix)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 April 2008

This Doodz’n’Chyx exclusive is an essential listen for any fan of the glorious Goldfrapp, and a recommended listen for any music lover.

A DnC member using the moniker “CrashedInventors” has put online his own painstakingly constructed remix of “Let it Take You”. It’s on his MySpace profile, so you can listen online straight away, or download the MP3 if you’re a registered MySpace user.

The minimalist original, which uses little more than Alison’s gorgeous vocal and some piano chords, has been sped up quite a bit, and augmented with a repeating bassline and with layers of abstract percussion that ebb and flow over the course of the song, adding to (rather than overwhelming) the blissful feel of the piece. “Let it Take You” is good advice indeed.

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Music from The Deliverables

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 October 2007

Some new music from the ILRT/DnC house band, The Deliverables, with a much more “rock” sound thanks to the drumming of newcomer Ben J. As with other music we’ve previously featured, this was entirely improvised: we didn’t know when we started playing what would come out.

“Earshot” (download link)

“Melvish” (download link)

Personnel on these tracks: Paul Sm (echoey guitar), Ben J (drums), Steve R (grungey guitar), Martin P (bass and production)

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