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Beardyman beatboxing video remix

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 June 2008

Beardyman‘s looped beatboxing and mr_hopkinson’s video editing have a lot in common. They both loop small bits of content on top of each other in way which starts off simple but builds into something jaw-dropping. Here they are united: David Hopkinson filmed Beardyman at a beatboxing convention, edited the video into sync with the loops in his trademark style and showed off the result at his excellent session in the recent Venn festival.

(mr_hopkinson’s beatboxing vids featured previously on D’n’C)

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Music from The Deliverables

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 October 2007

Some new music from the ILRT/DnC house band, The Deliverables, with a much more “rock” sound thanks to the drumming of newcomer Ben J. As with other music we’ve previously featured, this was entirely improvised: we didn’t know when we started playing what would come out.

“Earshot” (download link)

“Melvish” (download link)

Personnel on these tracks: Paul Sm (echoey guitar), Ben J (drums), Steve R (grungey guitar), Martin P (bass and production)

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Music: Retro Utensil

Posted by Martin Poulter on 27 September 2007

The latest track from the group MelEliAle (previously featured on D’n’C) (also here) is a spacey instrumental called “Retro Utensil”. Like most MelEliAle recordings, this was improvised with minor editing and production afterwards.

(Download link) Personnel: Mel (clarinet?, percussion), Eli (piano), Ale (acoustic guitar), Me (bass/ annoying electronic clinky noise/ production). Update Friday 5th October: A remixed version has been uploaded, with a different intro and ending.

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The Return of the Deliverables

Posted by Martin Poulter on 4 January 2007

About nine months ago now, four musicians gathered for a day to improvise an album. We’d decide on a style of music and a scale, then just play whatever came into our heads. I’ve only just got round to doing the mixing and editing, so here are the first two tracks from the (as yet unnamed) second album of The Deliverables

These feature Ale Fernandez on tabla and acoustic guitar, Jim Cogan on bass, Paul Smith on electric guitar and myself on synthesiser. The first album, improvised in a similar way, was Live in Hawaii.

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2 ILRT-ers in cube musical fun/torture

Posted by Martin Poulter on 6 April 2006

Taking part in this millennium’s much anticipated “Random Festival of Improvisation” at the Cube cinema last Thursday were your very own Ale and Martin as one half of experimental group Meleliale. Here then is their set as they try to extract the unusual from the mundane by mixing sound effects/video/improvised music/spoken word and theatrics (you can’t see scissors or the huge inflatable farm animals in this mp3 version, sadly).

This post by: Ale_F

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Improvised Album by MelEliAle

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 February 2006

Recorded in my front room, this five-track album has been released online through the Jamendo service. Almost entirely improvised on the spot, it features our own Ale_F on acoustic and electric guitars, Mel on clarinet, vocals and percussion, Eli on vocals, synth and percussion and myself on bass and “production”, although it would be fairer to say this was not produced.

My personal favourite bits are the first track with its sweet spoken vocals, the last two minutes of “0800 HELP ME” and, if you’re up for a delightfully mad musical excursion, the whole twelve minutes of “Cat Familiars”.

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The Deliverables: Live in Hawaii

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 May 2003

Forgive the minimalist HTML, but at last I can announce the “live album” from the improvisation session that took place in the Institute a month ago. There’s 9 tracks here, with nearly 25 minutes of rough-edged but interestingly varied music.

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