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Review of the Year 2007

or “What we looked at when we weren’t checking Facebook”
or “How culture was transmitted after the age of television, but before all humans joined Second Life”
or “Sports Personality of the Year, with less sports and more personality”

Video sharing became even more mainstream than last year, further dominating the “best of the web” sites, including ours.

“I’ve watched every video that has appeared on LlewTube – the YouTube channel of Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf fame. Seems you can be moderately famous, a nice bloke and talk sense,” writes Paul Ayres.

Dancing videos got ever more bizarre. Chris Mitchell remembers Dirty Dancing: the wedding:
“I couldn’t maintain my cynicism in the face of such sweet-natured – and carefully choreographed – nuptial celebrations. They looked as if they were indeed having the time of their lives and who could begrudge them that?”


Political satire always does well with D’n’C. Paul A writes “We are slowly getting rid of some of the evil doers of the political
world, but it is nice to see that Donald Rumsfeld was given the sort of respectful exit he deserved …”

Funny link of the year goes to a certain spoof film trailer. Paul A says:
” ‘Why are you here?’ … ‘because I’m bored!’ The concept: ‘Minesweeper: The Movie‘ – the execution: truly explosive!”


Chris M was obsessed with Plinky dot based fun.
“Must. Stop. Playing. Just. One. More. Go. (giggles inanely as the pretty bubbles explode in a cacophony of cute bings)”

Steve Richardson recommends the futuristic kodo drummers of wacky animation house TokyoPlastic.
(Flash, long intro, pump up the volume)

One of the things about hosting a community blog is that we feature our own creations. An anonymous contribution gives us our top Diversion of 2007. Paul A agrees: “Top track of the year has to be Pete Tong with Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass.”


There was an outright winner for Brainy and it’s the link that, for me, defines an exciting new direction for the Web: . As science on TV is so dumbed-down, it’s a relief to see intelligent people talking with passion and humour about biology, space exploration, technology and the challenges facing the human race. If you want to fire up your kids’ interest in these topics, sit down for quarter of an hour and watch a TED video with them. A few favourites:

Tom Heath writes “My link of the year for Brainy is: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

Paul Smith blogged Hans Rosling’s enthralling talks about world development (plus sword-swallowing!)

I never would have thought a presentation on architecture and urban planning could have me howling with laughter, but James Howard Kunstler managed it.


Cat humour was in the ascendant more than ever this year. Of the nearly two million blogs on, what’s the most popular? Captioned pictures of cats and other cute fluffy creatures: “I Can Has Cheezburger? I think this was the point it became clear to me that the human race has Too Much Time On Its Hands.

GlittrGirl recommends the short animation “Cat Man Do” by Simon Tofield:

Chris M picked out Cats that look like Hitler
“Does exactly was it says on the tin. I had no idea there were so many ‘kitlers’ out there and my world has been immeasurably improved by that knowledge.”

Link of the Year

In terms of the raw hits, Link of the Year has already been won by Love Wife Spanking in a Christian Marriage, blogged in May by GlittrGirl and consistently the most popular item we’ve ever hosted. Apparently, lots of people search for this combination of words.

So what did our judges pick out as the highest quality link, the one that sums up what has been achieved in our culture during the year 2007? nearly won, until I realised that the nominations were for different videos on the site and not strictly for a single link. So the award has to go to:

Worst Fight Scene Ever
“The worst fight scene yes, but also quite probably the worst thing ever captured on film,” says Chris M, “If the Lumière brothers knew it would come to this they would have become tax accountants instead.” Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the three finest classical actors of their generation. “Remember to watch right to the end for the full payoff!” says Paul A.

Thanks for reading and “See ya!” next year.


4 Responses to “Review of the Year 2007”

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  2. glittrgirl said

    Whatever happens, I am please to have contributed the most popular item in terms of raw hits, It is a unique talent I have, I think. I would like to thank all those of smutty disposition who have contributed to my filthy mind and its fascination with Christian perversion. To my lecturers who inculcated me fully in aesthetics and other notions of beauty and where to find it. Thanks to my parents for giving birth to me, and ….. oh f***. I didn’t win after all. I must remember to read the whole post before replying…… Oh One. More. Thing.

    Apparently there have been nasturtiums cast on whether I am real or an alter ego of Dr P. I am real, my boobs are a lot better than Dr Ps.

  3. A wonderful year for Doodz ‘n’ Chyx and apparently also for Love Wife Spanking in a Christian Marriage. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about. Yo Ho Ouch.

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