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Music from The Deliverables

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 October 2007

Some new music from the ILRT/DnC house band, The Deliverables, with a much more “rock” sound thanks to the drumming of newcomer Ben J. As with other music we’ve previously featured, this was entirely improvised: we didn’t know when we started playing what would come out.

“Earshot” (download link)

“Melvish” (download link)

Personnel on these tracks: Paul Sm (echoey guitar), Ben J (drums), Steve R (grungey guitar), Martin P (bass and production)

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New song from the Glandscape Hardeners

Posted by Martin Poulter on 7 November 2006

Fans of Massive Attack’s darkly sinister “Risingson” will enjoy the refreshingly different cover version I’ve done under my comedy music moniker. It’s currently the second song on my MySpace profile.

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