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Remixed YouTube

Posted by Paul Smith on 12 March 2009

This is my first post about something found via Twitter, tweeted by the mighty @jupitusphillip

A bunch of completely unrelated YouTube videos mixed together to create some completely awesome music and video. Enjoy!

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Radiohead’s “Nude” remixed on old hardware

Posted by Martin Poulter on 7 June 2008

Radiohead offer a competition to remix one of the songs from their “In Rainbows” album, a slow waltz in fact. Now, do you get a pulsing beat and trigger sped-up samples from the song on top of it, or do you bring together a dot matrix printer, a scanner, a Sinclair Spectrum and lots of hard drives and program them to recreate the song on video?

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Goldfrapp: Let it Take You (Forest of Bass remix)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 April 2008

This Doodz’n’Chyx exclusive is an essential listen for any fan of the glorious Goldfrapp, and a recommended listen for any music lover.

A DnC member using the moniker “CrashedInventors” has put online his own painstakingly constructed remix of “Let it Take You”. It’s on his MySpace profile, so you can listen online straight away, or download the MP3 if you’re a registered MySpace user.

The minimalist original, which uses little more than Alison’s gorgeous vocal and some piano chords, has been sped up quite a bit, and augmented with a repeating bassline and with layers of abstract percussion that ebb and flow over the course of the song, adding to (rather than overwhelming) the blissful feel of the piece. “Let it Take You” is good advice indeed.

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Perversion for Profit

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 December 2004

My latest experiment in mixing is now available in streaming form thanks to technical advice from Grace.

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