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Inside the Kingsnorth Climate Camp

Posted by Martin Poulter on 12 August 2008

We’re very grateful to receive this fascinating first-hand account from James Wilkes, responsible for some of the most interesting content to have circulated through doodz-n-chyx in the past. -MLP

I’ve just spent 10 days at Climate Camp in Kent. I went intending to learn about small-scale DIY solar electricity, solar water heating and wind generation. I didn’t care much about the overall camp aims or the political ideas of the camp. I left a very different person.

The stated purpose of the camp was to try to shut down Kingsnorth coal-fired power station, run by e-on, which is responsible for thousands of tons of carbon emissions every day it runs. The power station is due to be de-commisioned (hooray!) but a new coal-fired power station is likely to be built on the site (boo!). This is blatantly insane, as is the idea to build a new runway at Heathrow at a time when we’re trying to cut CO2 emissions.

No-one seems to disagree any more that carbon emissions must be reduced. It’s just that they aren’t going down, they’re going up. All the politician’s waffle, treaties and agreements haven’t done anything to protect our future. A whole lot of people (and that number is growing rapidly) think that we’ve got to use direct action to do something about it. It’s OUR planet and we want to do something to protect it from run-away big business insanity. Read the rest of this entry »

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999: “Grey squirrels are not rare; it’s red squirrels that are rare.”

Posted by Tom Gidden on 26 July 2008

I think Avon and Somerset Police’s gripping exposés on 999 calls has been mentioned before, but they’ve moved onto YouTube now.

Among them, this classic, where the dispatcher wearily argues with the caller about the ratio between grey and red squirrels, and the lack of hazelnut trees along the M32:

While I’m sure it’s legally okay to publish these calls, I’m not utterly convinced it’s morally right: It’s clear that some of these callers aren’t fully compos mentis. It’s still quite entertaining, though… oh, and informative. Remember, kids: 999 prank calls risks lives, m’kay?

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