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Review of 2010

Welcome once again to the Annual Review of the Year (in Review); our chance to look back at the outstanding web phenomena of the year 2010, in KDnC’s traditional three categories of Funnies, Diversions and Brainy.


The funniest thing to emerge on the Internet this year was 1) never meant to be taken humorously, and 2) so cringe-inducing it’s just painful to watch. Because of this, there’s no way we’re giving the funny award to Rap Against Rape.

This was the year of Old Spice Guy (and more) and the Boob Apron. The Pope came in for some satire, as did BP and of course, the political parties. The award has to go to a site that not only created a lot of funny stuff, but did it again and again, building up a community with its own in-jokes. Funny Link of the Year is… Five Second Films!

Some highlights from the more recent films:


No contest for this one: imagine someone coming out of nowhere, on no budget, getting a huge devoted fanbase through social media, spawning all sorts of musical and video tributes. Imagine him encountering resistance from the big entertainment multinationals, who then realise it’s better to work with him than against him. That’s the story of Nick Bertke, a.k.a. Pogo, who posts on Youtube as Fagottron (really!) His music pays loving tribute to much-loved films, TV shows, and in one un-rock-n-roll-but-still-amazing case, his mother. If you haven’t had the experience yet, plug his videos into (or get higher-quality versions and remixes from his site) and enjoy.


Okay, predictable choice: the award has to go to Wikileaks, but not for the recent “cablegate” leaks. After a couple of years outside the public consciousness, Wikileaks became the most essential link this year thanks to the Iraq War Logs, Afghan War Logs and Collateral Murder video. It’s not just about governments, diplomats and the military: half of all leaks are from corporations. Yes, that’s right: the link of the year is a site which is unavailable right now (above link goes to a list of unofficial mirrors) and where the reaction and analysis is more important than the content of the site itself.

Julian Assange, the site’s editor-in-chief, has become the figurehead and spokesman for the community behind Wikileaks. He gave an interview at a TED conference in July, in which he discussed the site’s success up to that point, and more recently answered readers’ questions in The Guardian. At the present time, it’s not certain whether Wikileaks will succeed in bringing in a new era of people-power or if the authorities will re-assert the status quo, but we’ll look back on 2010 as a generation-defining moment.

Is there Wikileaks humour as well? You bet there is (link goes to b3ta contest).

I’ll close this review with a quote from Ned Flanders: “There are some things we don’t want to know! Important things!” Happy 2011, everyone.


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