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Review of the Year 2009

Thanks to everyone who contributed or voted in this, the glittering presentation of awards by members of the Kewl Doodz’n’Chyx Academy. Collapse into a comfy drink and pour yourself a strong sofa as we review the Annual Review of the Year in Review.

“I have Twatted”

First of all we have to say that this was the year of Twitter, which infiltrated both work and play, shaping the national dialogue. Hitler was not pleased. “Twitter has changed how I interact and work on the Web” writes Paul A ( Paul S ( tells us Twitter “can be equally soap opera, teacher, friend, news channel, reviewer, technical support… I’d say lover but I think all those lovely ladies were really spambots.”

So who was our favorite Twitterer this year? Well, DoWhatITellYou may change your life, but actor and comedian Robert Llewellyn wiped the floor with the opposition, and he did so in 140 characters or less. “His fabulous CarPool series is well worth dipping into, proving that with a bit of thought, a good idea, some cameras and a well thumbed address book you can produce a really good show which is much more insightful, interesting and funny than most mainstream TV,” says Paul S.

"I'm more of a BoingBoing woman myself."


The strong showing for The Golden Age of Video by Ricardo Autobahn (Paul S. writes, “many of its 675,980 views are mine.”) reflects the fact that it contains everything good ever.

The winner in this category, however, is 1970s Danish Interior Design (based on porn). “The concept is original but above all it puts the work into artwork.” writes Andrew M.


Paul A was impressed by Glorious Dawn featuring Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan. “Not being a science bod I missed out on Carl Sagan and his wisdom. This auto-tuned piece of magic is uplifting and made me want to find out more.”

Chris also nominates the contribution to a gay rights debate by Philip Spooner; an 86-year-old, card-carrying Republican, chaplain, and WWII veteran. “The line ‘What do you think I fought for on Omaha beach?’ brings a shiny tear to my eye each time.”

At a time when people are trying to argue that all the thousands of pieces of research pointing to global climate change have been invalidated by a few private emails, we owe it to the world to make Climate Denial Crock of the Week our Brainy link of the Year, since along with similar projects it makes the science accessible to people, succeeding where the mainstream media are mostly failing.

Do It Yourself

The KDnC ethos is particularly about home-made, no-budget stuff that wouldn’t see the light of day without the the Internet. An outstanding example of this is Autotune the News. Michael “Schmoyoho” Gregory and his friends made news clips, congressional debates and Michael Jackson’s lawyer into all-singing, all-dancing chunks of pop culture. #2 and #6 are the best.

"The species is not currently considered endangered."

We also have to give a special achievement award to the KDnC member whose awesome Humans on display at Bristol zoo prank got local TV and radio coverage, as well as worldwide attention via some influential blogs. The idea, execution and subsequent public exposure were excellent and it has set the bar incredibly high.


The KDnC Link of the Year 2009 is a funny. There were so many extremely funny and biting videos from The Onion this year that we basically had to stop reposting them on KDnC or they would have taken over the site. Other funny videos include DayJobOrchestra’s adult re-voicing of Star Trek and the “office Parkour” scene from the US version of The Office. The winner, however, is distinctly British. Drum roll please for the 2009 Link of the Year:

Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice! Chris M writes “I don’t like Sralan. I don’t like the Apprentice. I do like the way that Cassetteboy has used his splicy fingers to ridicule both.” Cassetteboy were also nominated for their Nick Griffin cut-up (“just putting the whole BNP/BBC situation at the right level” says Paul S). It seems the winning comedy formula is the sight of Sir Lord Alan Sugar (or should it be “Sir Alan Lord Sugar”?) begging his reality-TV apprentards for “kissy kissy on the mouth” and threatening them with rendition to a Cuban jail.

Finally I just want to say that you have not experienced 2009 unless you have seen the film “Synecdoche: New York”. And I mean that in a truly metaphysical sense. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve without seeing it if you want, but a hard temporal barrier will block the onwards passage of your consciousness into 2010. The resulting long, socially awkward pause will kill any conversation, only to restart when you recount some of the surprising differences between the filmed version of S:NY and the penultimate version of its screenplay. Cheers everyone!

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  2. Ruth D put in a late, but apt, suggestion: Sand animation from Ukraine’s Got Talent

  3. glittrgirl said

    Superb. As ever.

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