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Review of the year 2008

This year’s Annual Review of the Year in Review is by Martin and Chris:

We’ll remember this year for global financial meltdown, terror attacks against civilian populations and an anti-contraception creationist who was almost put in charge of nuclear weapons. At KDnC, we distracted ourselves this year by seeking out some excellent comedy songs:

2 Girls 1 Cup song (NSFW lyrics!): As a po-faced singer-songwriter, chameleonic Jon LaJoie had a bold new angle on an internet trend – the 2 girls 1 cup reaction video.

Hugh Laurie’s “Mystery” (on the DVD box set): Hugh Laurie at the piano singing a song about the mystery of love with a woman, who lives in a different country, who probably wouldn’t like him if they met (which they haven’t) and who has been dead since 1973. We’ve all been there.

The Something of Boris: Roger Moore liked it, so who am I to argue?

Punch ’em in the Dick (NSFW lyrics!): If you are undecided about how to deal with f**kers who talk shit, Juicy Karkass sets out an appropriate and productive course of action.

Large Hadron Rap: It was sweet, oh so very geeky, and surprisingly informative.

Pre-eminent on the music front was Monkey Jazz, Beardyman’s collaboration with Bristol’s mr_hopkinson, filmed at the Cube Cinema. Beatboxing crossed over to the mainstream this year, but this pair took it to a whole new level. In one take and making all the sounds vocally, Beardyman created a piece that other musicians couldn’t do with a stack of equipment and days of time. Bonus points for the use of props and colours and the way the visual effects precisely mirror the audio effects.

In a normal year, this would have been our link of the year, but 2008 was not normal.

Link of the Year

At KDnC, we look out for things online that 1) are hilarious; 2) engage your brain, usually by having a satirical political point; 3) come from a distinctively online culture, not what you’d get through the broadcast media. Bonus points if it can’t be shown on mainstream media because it’s too filthy. We especially like things that have emerged from the community; d-i-y efforts and collaborations in particular. This year something ticked all those boxes.

2008 was the year Anonymous broke through into the mainstream with Project Chanology. My focus here isn’t their protest campaign but their cultural effect. In their thousands, they’re brought a distinctively online culture into the mainstream media and onto the streets of cities around the world. They’ve brought forth an avalanche of ever-more inventive videos, posters, images and parodies of every kind. In their own words, “We Run This”. (I must pay particular tribute to the Eire Anons for their hospitality and amazingness).

There’s one member of Anonymous that this blog has interacted with in particular, and this is where the home-made/collaborative art aspect kicks in. A video editor in Atlanta, USA took extracts from all over the place – from Oprah’s TV show to some stills of me that Paul A. had put online – and mixed it into a stream of often funny, sometimes filthy YouTube videos. In trans-atlantic mutual respect, KDnC’s own Tom G. paid his own tribute.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kewl Doodz’n’Chyx Annual Link of the Year 2008 is ChanologyASSIST! Some highlights of the year: Tom Cruise Reality Divorce, Scientology in mah BUTT, Golden Age of Brainwashing, Why is this happening to me?, and a summary of the year’s output, “I Would Do Anything For LULZ”

Thanks for reading, and now let’s see what 2009 brings us. Cheers!


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