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Review of the Year 2006

Yearly Doodz’n’Chyx Annual 2006 Review of the Year in Review

…including the long-awaited Link of the Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner for “Link of the Year”. But first let’s look at the other nominations. As always, our Friday afternoon concerns were: 1) Humour, 2) Political Activism and 3) Humourous Political Activism.

“On Notice” board for 2006


Vince Jones writes, “My favourite discovery of the year has been Ze Frank. The bloke is a comedy genius who has embarked upon his daily ‘Show’ as a true experiment in online participation – Go back and watch every single one!!!”

Chris Mitchell recommends this Picture Every Day movie: “Simple idea but devilishly difficult to do well. It had everything: love, loss, goldfish eating, and a chase sequence to wrap things up.”

2006 was the year was Amazon started allowing ordinary people to write reviews of basic groceries such as milk and fruit. Hilarity ensued!

Paul Ayres writes: “On a purely personal note, I really enjoyed doing the ILRT Video Mood Board for the Art Show this year. A reminder that there’s more to life than work, but it’s all much more fun with nice people around.”

Political Activism

Tom Heath recommends two ways to feel politically empowered again. One is Karma Banque, which targets unpopular companies by lowering their share price, selling short options on their stock, thus raising money.

The other is Petition the Prime Minister; “another piece of genius from the MySociety team”

Humourous Political Activism

As runner-up to Link Of The Year, we surely must give a special personality award to American comedian Stephen Colbert. He has been connected to a number of things we’ve featured over the year, but his finest moment so far has to be the telling off he gave George W. Bush at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Paul Ayres writes: “Experience Truthiness in all its glory

And now…
Fanfare, please.
Pah pa-pa-pa-pa pah PAAAAAAH!!!

Annual 2006 Yearly Winning Finalist “Link Of The Year” for the Year 2006, Chosen by You, the Voting Public

OK GO on treadmills

“Fantastically inventive pop video and a strenuous workout to boot.” says Chris Mitchell.

Suzanne “GlittrGrrl” Hardy writes: “Genius. Clever choreography, beautifully timed, using treadmills inventively, geeky blokes looking silly. Genius. And there is a lego version.”

A postscript: two people have nominated this twisted site which I in no way endorse. I should quote from Paul Ayres: “It would be terribly bad form of me not to mention the Gig of the Year which sadly was not videoed for posterity [It was, and some parts may still make it online -MLP]. However, you can still enjoy the prospect of Martin getting his boner out in public via:”

Finding Links

For “Linkiness Extraordinaire”, Paul recommends BoingBoing. “It describes itself as a directory of wonderful things, which is entirely correct.”

Steve Richardson recommends LifeHacker: “found more goodies from here than anywhere else i think! nice!”

Thanks for reading, everybody, and Happy 2007!


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