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Review of the Year 2004

The year started promisingly with January. Then came February, taking many of us by surprise. Late in the first half of February there was what came to be known as the 14th of February, on which occurred Valentine’s Day.Paul A: “Well I certainly am fat, naked and dangerous, at least after a cocktail or twenty”

Gradually, February tightened into a remarkably supple March. Then… Nope, I can’t keep this going. We aren’t reviewing the year as such, rather the year on the Web, and on the Web, time and space are not as important as finding musical animations of dancing creatures that you can’t stop imitating.


In this regard, 2004 will be obviously be remembered for BadgerBadgerBadger by Jonti.

Chris: “For entirely puerile reasons I loved watching this.”
Pretty much everything Jonti has touched has turned to gold this year, and his Weebl and Bob DVD has just come out.

Animated animals on the Web don’t just dance. Oh no. They also re-enact horror films.

Paul A: “About time the bunny-based horror flick genre got the sort of widespread publicity in deserved.”

One trend that grew in 2004 was that of looking through “found” items such as photographs, personal files that escaped into file sharing networks, and in the case of one site, grocery lists

Tom H: “Almost totally pointless yet so worthwhile; compulsive stuff”

Of course the distinctive thing about online media is the interactive involvement they encourage rather than the passive acceptance demanded by the broadcasting leviathans.

Paul A: “Paper, bin, throw, interactivitity-ness – saves trees and this really was what the Internet was invented for.”


The war was big news this year. Apparently we had won the war in March 2003, but then an identical war had started up in the same location and involving the same participants. The US election took on a nail-biting importance.

Paul A: “We didn’t blog this, but it took up way too much of my life and got me concerned about “Barely Bush”, undecideds breaking towards the challenger and the make-up of the Supreme Court.”

On the plus side, satire entered a golden age!

Chris: “This is the the only thing I can look back on and smile about.”

When the result came, the 48% wanted us to know it wasn’t their fault.

Skip: “As US Marines do what they are good at on our TV every night, and some of us remember the same kind of things from Vietnam when we were kids, it is so uplifting to find that so many US citizens do not fit the stereotype.”

Politically, this year belonged to people who are baffled by a map of the world. They got their man into the White House. Give them a big hand! [Link now broken, but check out’s_World_Map]

The Winner

So what’s the DnC link of the year? What did the obscure corners of the Web offer us that impressed us by not being about Star Trek, not advertising impotence remedies and not being in ALL CAPS? An electronic poll using Diebold machines gives the Channel 4 Swearing Advert an overwhelming 51% majority!

Paul A: Never have I been so impassioned about our inalienable right to say “cock-sucking mother fucker”, ‘cos if celebrities say it, it must be cool.

Thanks to the contributors, thanks to everyone who’s read the blog this year and thanks to you for reading this far. Have a great holiday.


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