The Kewl Doodz 'n' Chyx

Saving you from dull moments. Some links may be NSFW!

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is DnC?

Kewl Doodz ‘n’ Chyx (known as DnC) is a shared weblog, originally inspired by Memepool, and designed to:

  • Replace the e-mail sharing of “funnies” and interesting online stuff (online culture, politics (usually somewhat left liberal), or just things we find interesting)
  • Share things that we ourselves have created: music, video, art, web sites…
  • Archive those interesting online things for us to revisit in years to come
  • Vote each year for our Link of the Year in our KDnC Annual Review of the Year in Review.

Basically, rather than fill each other’s email boxes with stuff, we will deposit it on this site and then visit this site whenever we are in the mood for a distraction.

2: Who are the Doodz and Chyx?

They’re a bunch of people who live in Bristol, UK and their friends and contacts. If you know us personally, feel free to ask to be added (email Many, but not all, of us are Web professionals in one way or another.

This blog is safely away from work mailing lists and there is no moderation. Some of us have twisted, blasphemous or otherwise naughty senses of humour. Hence some material may be offensive or not even work-safe. Access is granted under the condition that you do not complain about content. Leave it to the site owner, who taught moral philosophy once, to remove anything genuinely objectionable.

3: How do I get the email newsletter?

The weekly update comes on Friday lunchtime with a summary of recent posts and some other tidbits and announcements. Click on the “email updates” link in the left sidebar for details of the mailing list.

4: How can I contribute entries?

Step one is to register for a username with This is free and doesn’t result in any ads or spam. Then ask Martin nicely (email to be a registered author of this blog, telling him the email address that you used when you signed up.

I recommend taking advantage of the “Press This” bookmarklet which will be available once you log in to Drag it onto your web browser’s toolbar. You now have a button which lets you blog the current page.

5: Can I edit or delete my entries?

Yes! You have total control and ownership of your own posts.

6: Are comments enabled?

Comments are only accepted from logged-in users of (registration is quick and free).


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