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Women describe their sex lives with animal gifs

Posted by Martin Poulter on 2 March 2015

Here’s a selection of favourite GIFs from the forum TrollXChromosomes : a place for women-centred humour with often a serious message or an opportunity for bonding over shared experiences.

My Reaction When I haven’t taken a guy home in over a year and I am trying to take off his pants This GIF takes longer to load than the others, so you might have to wait a bit, like the cat.

posted by user MildlyCondescending

My Reaction When the boyfriend’s face is stubbly

posted by user LexxiiConn

My Reaction When the boyfriend sticks his dick in my face for some attention but he hasn’t showered recently

posted by user LevyWife

When my SO won’t stop playing with my boobs

posted by user MeghanAM

My first encounter with an erect penis

posted by user edbutt

When guys make too much eye contact while going down on you

posted by user lamingtoncroissant

How I Feel When I am on Top

posted by user english_nerd

My Reaction When I’m on top but my boyfriend is thrusting and won’t let me get a rhythm going

posted by user mjbyrd

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