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Reasons to be Fearful 2014 (+ lyrics)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 February 2015

For a lot of people, the TV highlight of the past year was satirist Charlie Brooker teaming up with legendary funk band The Blockheads, listing terrible things about 2014 and reasons to dread the approach of 2015.

The song is based on Ian Dury and The Blockheads’ hit “Reasons to be Cheerful – Part 3”. Brooker’s lyrics are below, transcribed mainly by user Moo Cow on Youtube.

An ever-growing sense of dread
An ever-growing sense of dread

Reasons to be fearful – ’14

Constant global crisis
Syria to ISIS
Rising living prices – we can’t cope

Rolling news is leering and
Looking on and cheering
Danny Dyer ‘s appearing in our leading soap

Historic crimes committed
Pistorius acquitted
Dapper laughs transmitted. Shop floor war

Online woman-hating
And below-the-breadline baiting on Channel 4

Violence unending
iPhones bending
Ian Botham trending – hashtag #eurgh

Verbal diarrhoea
Annex in Crimea
and a spider in the ear of Katie Melua

Telly actors mumbling
No marks tumbling
And our social order crumbling – while people snigger

Sony facing hacking
MPs backing fracking
And Clarkson facing sacking for saying nnnn…aughty words

Reasons to be fearful – ’14
Reasons to be fearful – ’14
Reasons to be fearful – ’14
Reasons to be fearful 2-0-14

Reasons to be fearful – ’14

Awful fear and dreading
Ebola virus spreading
Clooney’s bloody wedding – and that damn song

U2 uninvited
UKIP all delighted
and everything Mark Wright did – all year long

Corruption in the City
Scotland getting splitty
Woody: could he? did he? – That’s no joke

Porridge for Rolf Harris
Miliband embarrassed
Cameron was harassed by a random bloke

Devastated cliff face
Choppers over Cliff’s place
Baked Alaska misplaced – feelings hurt

Salonge attacking JayZ
Atmos looking hazy
and Twitter going crazy for an ill-judged shirt

Brookes Newmark with a hard-on
Boko Haram
Her continued stardom. Jeremy Hunt

Russell’s Revolution
Contains no solution
He’s untouched by evolution – the ape-like… chap

Reasons to be fearful – ’14
Reasons to be fearful – ’14
Reasons to be fearful – ’14
Reasons to be fearful 2-0-14

Yes, yes dear dear
But hey next year
Perhaps things might get better
I’ll prepare… that… case…

Reasons to be cheerful – ’15
Reasons to be cheerful – ’15
Reasons to be cheerful – ’15
Reasons to be cheerful 2-0-15

Let’s try looking forward
Beyond West Norwood
Maybe things will turn good in months to come

Economies recover
We all embrace each other
And the love will spread like butter… and your mum

More Peter Capaldi
You might go on holiday
The bargain bin at Aldi’s full of cheap, cheap beer

You can do some voting
And new royal baby doting
Oh shit I’m sugar coating – fuck, back to fear

Battlefields burning
Stomach always churning
Benefit Street back for series 2

Every day up early
Nigel Farage and Kay Burley
Belligerent and surly – on Sky News

Another coalition
Parliamentary repetition
Hatred and suspicion – every day

Apocalyptic weather
Going hell for leather
That’s the end for this year now GO AWAY.


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