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Danbri Remixed by Glandscape Hardeners

Posted by Martin Poulter on 23 September 2010

I was privileged to attend the wedding last weekend of KDnC’s own Dan Brickley, who married Zoja Bajbutovic near their home in Amsterdam. Dan had chosen me and two other friends to be his triple-headed best man. For my “speech”, I downloaded a video of Dan speaking at the press conference for the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web, converted it to audio, then extracted some individual words and phrases. That’s how I was able to give a one minute “best man speech” using fragments of Dan’s voice.


Here’s the transcript, with edits indicated by “|”:

[Introduction and applause] | This is a special occasion: | paying tribute | to | a | fascinating, | exciting | Croatian. |

If you look at the | family tree | we’re lucky | people, | happy | people. |

It’s… it’s charming in its childlike simplicity | and we started just to | think of the | relationship | not just as a static thing, not as a static, given thing but as a project that’s only just getting going. | It’s about unravelling that, that mystery of how we relate | What does it depend on? Where does it come from? | That, I think, is the core of the challenge. |

We need relationships that come from | links between people. | They might not always agree. | We don’t need | to go crazy. | We know all about | the stuff we really care about. |

And to us, the world | it is | exciting. | Every month is | fascinating to me. | This… this | captures the essence of what we’re trying to do. | “Thank you Dan” + applause


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