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Archive for June 25th, 2010

OpenBook: idiot detection using Web 2.0

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 June 2010

Not all status updates on Facebook are protected. Despite usually intended just for friends, many are publicly readable, and the OpenBook search engine indexes them. That’s how you can get a list of named individuals, with photographs, next to too-much-information statuses such as “i also pt whipped creme on my nipples and made my dog lick it” or “I love dogging”. What’s more disturbing is to search for racist insults or, my favourite, “not a racist but”, scroll down and see the depths of barely literate, bigoted fucktardiness.

Found via Danbri.

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Cormac McCarthy’s “Toy Story”

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 June 2010

From Ruben Bolling, creator of the hilarious Tom the Dancing Bug cartoons, comes a reinterpretation of Disney’s Toy Story in the style of The Road. Found via various people on Twitter.

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Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 June 2010

Who would win in a fight between Neo and Luke Skywalker? Okay, but who would win if Jack Sparrow fought Shrek? Now what about if Frodo fought Harry Potter? Britney Spears versus Madonna? Only quirky stick-figure animations with vocal sound-effects can give you the answers. Thanks Ed Mallon for the link.

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