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This is why the Internet is wonderful

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 May 2010

In this thread at Ask Metafilter, which unfolds over the course of a roughly 24-hour period, the community get together to protect two Russian women from a sex trafficking scam. They shared not just information but living space, money and phone conversations. Together they identified and informed a lot of relevant authorities, helped by the fact that one of the Metafilter regulars works for the US State Department.

Here’s an update on what happened to the women.


One Response to “This is why the Internet is wonderful”

  1. Oh my god.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so riveting. I’ve just read the MeFi thread, the metatalk thread and 2 articles about it.

    The follow-up stories (the story made Newsweek) are worth reading too.

    Aren’t people just incredibly lovely sometimes? Hooray to MeFi for helping a group of strangers pull together for a good cause.

    Glad I didn’t catch the original thread or I wouldn’t have got any sleep for 3 days.

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