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Before the election, do your homework

Posted by Martin Poulter on 3 May 2010

There will always be people who base their vote on which candidate has the shiniest teeth, or on how their newspaper tells them to. I hope you, fellow voter, are less superficial. Probably the least superficial thing you could do in advance of Thursday’s UK General Election is this:

Go to Public Whip and see how each party’s MPs vote on the issues that matter to you.  Manifesto promises are easily broken, and presidential-style debates are irrelevant when we’re electing not a president but a legislative body. The voting record shows what the parties really work for, and Public Whip’s hard work makes it visible at a glance.

Some votes to take a look at:

My personal reaction is that, of the three main parties

  • one almost always votes the way I would if I were an MP,
  • another seems to be disastrously old-fashioned and authoritarian
  • the third  is very divided, with a lot of rebels who I agree with more often than the rest of the party, but again, they’ve backed some disastrous decisions.

If you want to look at the voting record of a particular MP, go instead to TheyWorkForYou.


4 Responses to “Before the election, do your homework”

  1. Tom Gidden said

    What’s your opinion on things like ? I’m never sure if they’re entirely fair and balanced, with regards to wording of questions, balance, and I suppose weighting factors too. Are such quizzes too simplistic?

  2. Interesting! I hadn’t been through VoteMatch, and when I did I ticked “open minded” to nearly all the statements (a one sentence soundbyte is more difficult to have a concrete reaction to than a specific piece of legislation). However, the detail of the report it gives at the end is fantastic.

  3. Tom Gidden said

    Here’s another one:

    Next election, maybe it’s worth building “” to survey these kinds of sites. I’m sure they’re asking leading questions.

  4. […] on KDnC: see how the House of Commons has voted on your top priority issues. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Lord Mandelson handed ’super […]

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