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Skeptical Voter

Posted by Martin Poulter on 18 April 2010

This interesting wiki-based project doesn’t “rate” politicians, but simply lists their positions on various science-related topics and lets the reader decide whether and how that should affect their voting intentions. Like all wikis, it’s a work in progress. Pretty much the ideal candidate from a skeptical perspective is Dr Evan Harris (Lib Dem, Oxford West & Abingdon). Probably the worst, in the sense of wilful scientific illiteracy, is David Tredinnick (Conservative, Bosworth). The thought of Peter Lilley (Conservative, Hitchin & Harpenden) getting back in is horrifying as well, not to mention the anti-science party policies of  UKIP.

I’d be interested to hear about other projects looking at the candidates from different perspectives. My Gay Vote is a related project, though it summarises historical voting patterns rather than looking at specific candidates’ opinions.

A postscript, June 2010: tragically for science and rational thought, Evan Harris lost his seat by a narrow margin. David Tredinnick is now a member of the health select committee.

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