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A toilet unveiling to show your grandchildren

Posted by Martin Poulter on 8 March 2010

In case it’s not clear, the following video features people who have been drinking quite a lot. Last week, Libby and Damian held a party to unveil their new FancyBog: a toilet-as-art-object created by Chris Chalkley of PRSC. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, in which Chris ordained the newly-installed toilet, has been uploaded as a Flickr video. It features me in the background attempting Also Sprack Zarathustra on electric guitar (and cocking up the middle bit).


2 Responses to “A toilet unveiling to show your grandchildren”

  1. glittrgirl said

    Please can you post a pic of the decoration on this particular fancybog?

  2. Photos and film have been taken of the fancybog in use(!!) and I think they are being edited into a fuller short film now.

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