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Posted by Paul Smith on 4 March 2010

OK, go on – watch this without smiling, I dare you! No CGI involved, I understand.

4 Responses to “Trololololololololololo”

  1. Tom Gidden said

    I’m just wondering how much it would take to get the good Dr. Poulter to do a cover version: suit, parting and all.

  2. Paul Ayres said

    Oh yes, come on DrP – a cover version would be fab!

    Info on this at:

    … includes another performer doing this!

  3. How do I get that grey/green, dead-looking face? [Shudder]

  4. Update: Edward Khil, the man in the video, is aware of, and very pleased with, the YouTube success of the clip. Apparently he’s now 75 years old.

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