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Archive for February 25th, 2010

Glandscape Hardeners perform “Money and Penis”

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 February 2010

“Money and Penis” was a song from the first gig of my comedy music act The Glandscape Hardeners. This was my first experience of playing guitar and singing in front of an audience, with a backing vocal track that I’d pre-recorded. Although the audience was small and consisted almost entirely of my friends, I was nervous as hell and it shows. I’m not pretending the singing or playing are any good, but I still think I wrote a good song here, especially the four-part vocal harmonies. Thanks to danbri for videoing. This remains the only recording of this song, as I’ve not done a proper audio version.

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You Should Have Seen This

Posted by Martin Poulter on 25 February 2010

Imagine everything popular on the web ever, condensed to two pages, with an insulting header at the top. That’s the concept of and

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