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Old Spice Manmercials

Posted by Tom Gidden on 17 February 2010

Outside the UK, Old Spice is a big toiletries brand, rather than limited-appeal old-man-smell. The ad played during the Super Bowl this year:

(Apparently, that’s a single shot in-camera with no CG apart from the diamonds and the rising bottle.)

The other ads from the same campaign are worth a look too.

3 Responses to “Old Spice Manmercials”

  1. Wow, the ending surprised me.

  2. Tom Gidden said

    There’s a “sequel” now:

  3. […] by Tom Gidden on 14 July 2010 Following on from the original “I’m On A Horse” ad and the more recent “Swan Dive” ad — once again, mostly single-shot with very […]

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