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Occult patterns in Woolworths locations

Posted by Martin Poulter on 11 January 2010

Occult arrangements of nested triangles are all around us. Last Autumn I sat through a presentation on how landmarks all over South West England are arranged in incredibly precise geometric shapes. Although the presenter (a dowser) admitted that there was some fudging needed to make the lines intersect all the relevant points, he thought the match was uncanny. Dan Brown has recently published a novel which is based on the idea that the street plan of Washington DC encodes all sorts of Masonic symbolism. In the news this week is an analysis of 1500 UK prehistoric sites which finds lots more geometric shapes, and suggests, according to its author, that prehistoric Brits had extra-terrestrial help.

So it’s fun to see in The Times this week a mathematician analysing the locations of hundreds of Woolworths stores, finding the same sorts of nested triangle shapes (as you can with any sufficiently large set of random data), and concluding “This could offer us a fascinating insight into what life was like in 2008 England, and we can’t rule out that alien help was required to position stores this precisely and to offer the Ladybird clothing range at such low prices.” Thanks Ryan for the link!

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