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Ask Professor Risk

Posted by Paul Ayres on 5 January 2010

One of the biggest risks is being too cautious, according to David Spiegelhalter who is Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University.

His work is featured in a video on the Cambridge University YouTube channel.

There’s more at the website.

Previously – The Mighty Micromort.


3 Responses to “Ask Professor Risk”

  1. That’s an amazingly well-produced video for a university-commissioned effort… even including the talent of Stephen Fry!

  2. Tom Gidden said

    Am I missing something, or is he Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at the Institute of Explaining The Blindingly Obvious?

  3. Tom, Micromorts will be new to a lot of people, as will the relative micromort risks he talks about, as will his way of visualising risk by drawing up 100 possible futures for yourself. Newspapers talk about risks eg from food all the time: what they don’t do is contextualise it and quantify it in the way this guy does. He’s saying more than just “bacon is risky, but I eat it anyway.” Maybe my perception of it skewed because I’ve sat through a full-length lecture of his.

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