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Fifty years of space missions

Posted by Martin Poulter on 19 October 2009

An astounding infographic, showing space missions by target, country and whether the missions were successful. The bottom of the chart shows the most distant probes (the Voyagers and the Pioneers) and how far away they are (Voyager I is at ten billion miles). If you have a 4000 pixel monitor, this is what it’s for.

Update: To go along with it, All the Mars missions in one infographic.

3 Responses to “Fifty years of space missions”

  1. olliemoss said

    I followed up and went off on one after looking at this and have ended up listening to this:
    golden record its nice to think taht the reason we havent been contacted is that after teh aliens hear our UN greetings they then listen to whale greetings while finisging up on a nice bit of blues…..

  2. Wow, interesting link! Thanks Ollie. I remember hearing about the “golden record” when I was a little kid, but only just now, thanks to your link, have I seen what’s on it. It must have been amazing to have been given the job of summing up Earth, human beings and human civilization in a small collection of sounds and images, when we know nothing about the eventual readers, if any.

    I have to say, creating a graphical binary code that uses the frequencies of nearby pulsars to show how to navigate to our solar system from elsewhere in the galaxy = CLEVER. A welcoming statement in English = STUPID.

    Also, the first sound in the “Sounds of Earth” audio track is a very weird (but cool) sound that, I a lifelong inhabitant of Earth, have never heard.

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