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Archive for September 28th, 2009

Nadir of Western Civilization (The Onion)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 28 September 2009

How close are we to the cultural and intellectual pits? This close. Thanks Gavin for the recommendation.

“Come on,” added the two-time MacArthur “genius grant” recipient, before stripping down to his undergarments and brandishing an automatic assault rifle. “Let’s get ‘er done!”

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Daft Portable Gaming Device

Posted by Tom Gidden on 28 September 2009

Following on from the iDaft and the amazing Daft Hands, we’ve now got Daft Pseudo Formant Synthesis on a Nintendo DSi:

I have a feeling the good Dr Poulter will be considering a purchase shortly. He could also then do Kraftwerk covers:

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