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Getting a bit too personal in Twitter and Facebook

Posted by Martin Poulter on 7 September 2009

Oversharers is a service that collects embarrassing facts unwisely revealed to the public through status updates. Many of them are harmless and just jokey, but some are really, really unwise things to put on the public web. The tweet-rating service Twaxed is sometimes used to highlight similarly misguided revelations.

“I was just watching porn and realised it was the guy turning me on and not the chick.”

“When peeing on someone, the element of surprise is everything.”

“I woke up with a weird rash on my crotch.”

“Having two kids in diapers gives me the urge to randomly pee in a diaper just because.”

“Apparently that highlighter i used to color my nipple blue with was permanent.”

“I just had to use lube to put on a pair of shoes.”

“Most Unsuccessful Slut of the Year Award totally went to me from 2002 to 2006.”

“My flip-flops smell like butt.”

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