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Craziest forum thread ever?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 27 August 2009

What precautions should you take if you’re going to be taken up to Heaven in a blast of trumpets, but your beloved pets aren’t? For that matter, should you “marry” your pets to each other? Also, will pets in Heaven actually be able to talk to us? These problems keep some people awake at night, and for them the RaptureReady forum is an oasis of clear discussion. Thanks Joel for the recommendation.

“My father loved me so much, that 2 years ago in another part of the country a dog, which I didn’t know about, had puppies.”

Jesus commanded us to “Preach the Gospel to every CREATURE.” Not human but creature. So we’ve talked to our dog and our horse about Jesus

One rapture-ready participant argues that God will take care of the left-behind animals because he “provided manna from heaven to the Jews” – not a well-chosen analogy!

More RaptureReady amusement.


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