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Celebrate Tom and Livs

Posted by Martin Poulter on 6 August 2009

Raise your glasses, everyone, for this weekend one of the kewlest of Doodz is about to marry one of the kewtest Chyx, in what I expect to be the party of the year. KDnC members Tom and Livs will be going legal with their seemingly decades-long relationship in a ceremony in a barn. This is a long-planned event: Livs isn’t pregnant (I checked).

Anyone who knows them will be hard-pressed to name a more lovely couple. They are both incredibly intelligent, incredibly friendly, young, good-looking people each with a PhD and a distinctive but highly infectious laugh. Tom is the semantic web expert (who runs the KDnC mailing list) while Livs is the psychologist, so where are your outdated gender stereotypes now, hmm?

No wonder then that both of them are hugely popular. Makes ya sick, dunnit? No, actually, not in this case. Tom and Livs are two of my favourite people to spend time with: both of them hard workers and funky dancers, thoughtful and reflective individuals with great senses of humour. They are a fantastic match: her with her dark eyes and cheeky smile and him with… whatever she sees in him. Has he got a nice butt or something?

I won’t be there at the wedding, due to personal disorganisation, which I’m rather crushed to admit. Hopefully they won’t be so offended as to boycott my own forthcoming wedding to japanese pornography. Still, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s wish them all the best for their ceremony and their life together:

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  1. glittrgirl said



    still hoping to get there myself 🙂

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