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Michael Jackson: too soon?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 26 June 2009

If you’re prepared for sacrelige, wander over to B3ta or check out Twitter for touching tributes and bad-taste gags:

Out own tomgidden:*really* disappointed that the sign-language guy on BBC News Channel doesn’t join in on the Thriller dance moves during the MJ montage.”

From Peter Serafinowicz:Exposure to sunshine, moonlight and good times ruled out: now coroners say cause of death was ‘boogie’.”

The Onion: “BREAKING: Last Piece Of Michael Jackson Dies”

Dara O’Briain:OMG! Just offstage, and the big news is, former commander of the British armed forces, Gen. Sir Mike Jackson is dead. Just checking details.”

Richard Herring:Is Jarvis Cocker going to the funeral?”

Oh yeah, I said something about a touching tribute. This is genuinely legendary:

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