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Bad, bad week for Scientology

Posted by Martin Poulter on 26 June 2009

The Church of Scientology is in more trouble now than it has been for nearly twenty years.

Two journalists from Florida have published a series of articles in which former executives describe violent beatings, ritual punishments and, most damagingly, the destruction of evidence in a criminal case over the death of a member. As well as in print, the online (text and video). The stories have been taken up by dozens of other news outlets.

A spokesman for the Church was challenged while denying that Scientology is run on violence and bullying, and reacted by yelling his head off, on tape: the journalists have released the audio recording. Another cult tactic was to release information from the “confidential confessional” folders of the defectors (mentioned in the first article of the series); thereby confirming allegations that Scientology uses blackmail and intimidation against opponents.

Anonymous continues its international campaign, which is now rejuvenated after seventeen months. They have also created a forum to support the Iran protests. I myself have been working on a magnum opus about Scientology, which I hope to be able to announce soon.

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