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Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 May 2009

Following in the footsteps of bananas and Tuscan Milk, the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt is the latest Amazon product to benefit from a wave of funny ironic reviews. The T-shirt makers seem hurt that their product has come to symbolise the distilled essence of white trash, but they’re not complaining about all the extra orders the publicity has generated. Sincere fans of the t-shirt, realising that everyone sees them as white trash, are not pleased. Thanks to Libby and Damian for the links.

“Since owning the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, I have successfully solved 7 crimes in my city, including 4 cold case murders.”

“When the moon is full I am compelled to seek out and Greco-Roman wrestle the legendary Bigfoot.”

“Every night, for the past 6 weeks, I have been visited by 3 wolf sprirts. And every night, they bestow upon me endless amounts of knowledge and offerings of imitation crab meat.”

Update: for extra meme coolness, the apex of t-shirt technology is the Three Keyboard Cat and Moon t-shirt. Personally, I want to wear a “Three “Three Wolf and Moon” t-shirt-wearing Man and Moon” t-shirt.

Funny Amazon reviews previously on KDnC.


One Response to “Three Wolf Moon T-shirt”

  1. divadiscount said

    The only thing that could be better than actually knowing a man who runs with the Three Wolf Moon shirt would be standing in front of a whole sales rack full of them at discount designer clothing superstore, Loehmann’s.
    Seeing all of them bursting with potential, smelling the muskiness of the fresh transfer ink, knowing they could be had for up to 65% off the prices found elsewhere.
    I would buy one for all the men I know and use my Gold Club card for even more savings…it would be Shopping Nirvana…

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